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Removal of unwanted hair, especially facial hair removal, is one of the most important things on the To-Do list of all women. In order to achieve facial hair removal, women often resort to various different techniques to drastically reduce body hair and remove facial hair. Some of them are threading, plucking and electrolysis.

The first two are temporary facial hair removal methods with the hair growing back after a few days. On the other hand, the electrolysis hair removal method will remove facial hair from the roots and after a few sessions, all the hair follicles are treated so that there is no need for facial hair removal.

The worst part is that all these three methods to remove facial hair involve lots of pain.
Tweezing and shaving are other ways to remove facial hair, but tweezing is too time consuming and shaving is not suitable for all women. Some women even bleach or wax their facial hair, but these attempts to remove facial hair are not suggested in the long run. So what's the ideal method for removing face hairs?

Ideal facial hair removal for women

If you're sick and tired of tweezing, threading, and plucking to remove facial hair, try a hair removal cream instead. Before you trash the idea, thinking that they are messy and will result in skin allergies and won't really remove facial hair, stop to read more about the new age of hair removal creams. Not all creams to remove facial hair are messy and some are easy to apply and work super fast. What's more, they are so skin friendly and safe to use that you'll never need another hair removal product to remove facial hair.

Hair removal cream

It's trickier to remove facial hair than it is to remove body hair. It involves lots of care to remove facial hair and the best of the best hair removal products for facial hair. However, now you can remove facial hair and have a smooth and silky face in just a few minutes without stepping out of the comfort of your home.

You can now remove facial hair with revolutionary hair removal products like Ultra Hair Away, HairNoMore that quickly and easily act to remove facial hair, even the toughest and the most unyielding hair, safely, gently and at rapid speed.

There are several hair removal creams that can help you out and work in even the most sensitive areas including face. These hair removal products are so effective that they can even treat larger areas and serve to remove body hair. Their effectiveness on dark hair makes them suitable for use by males too. Removing facial hair or other body hair for men need not be limited to shaving. They too can use hair removal products to remove facial hair.

How to remove facial hair by threading

Best for: Precise tasks on smaller areas like the eyebrows, upper lip, and cheeks
Pain level: Medium-high
DIY-safe: No

Eyebrow threading is a very common practice in Middle Eastern and Asian countries that involves using a thin, doubled cotton thread pulled super-taut to roll over spots where you wish to remove hairs, thus pulling them out.

While it isn't quite as labor intensive as plucking hairs one at a time, it works best on smaller areas such as the eyebrows, upper lip and cheeks. And unlike using tweezers, threading is much trickier to try if you've never been trained in it, so head to a salon with a professional who specializes in it for the best results.

How to remove facial hair by shaving

Best for: Fine hair all over the face, and skin that isn't susceptible to razor burn
Pain level: Low
DIY-safe: Yes

More and more women are opting to shave their face either in-salon in a process called dermaplaning or at home to remove hair and exfoliate skin. Shaving is a painless way to remove hair from the face, and "it's just a myth that your hair will grow coarser and more densely after shaving," explains Dr. Krishnan. "The follicle gets cut in half so it feels pricklier, but it's not any thicker."

If you feel most comfortable with a razor, just be sure to take precautions so you can get the smoothest, least irritated finish. "Shave either in the shower or just afterward to allow the skin to soften," advises Anthony Sosnick, shaving expert and founder of Shaveworks. This is also helpful if you have thick or coarse hair, as the heat of the steam also softens the strands. You can also apply a pre-shave oil to avoid razor burn.

A good razor matters, too. If you're opting for a traditional razor, Sosnick recommends picking one with at least two blades, as "they tend to be more targeted for those sensitive areas — and sometimes, fewer blades does the job without the potential for redness and razor burn."

One big tip from dermatologist Michael Swann, M.D.: Don't make passes over the same area several times with your razor. Otherwise, you could irritate your skin — not a great look to have front and center on your face. Once you're done shaving, apply a hydrating moisturizer to soothe your skin.

How to remove facial hair by waxing

Best for: Coarse, thick hair and larger areas (like the sideburns or cheeks), for skin that isn't easily irritated
Pain level: High
DIY-safe: Sometimes

Another very common method is waxing. Using either soft wax, which is pulled off with cloth strips, or hard wax that simply hardens and is pulled off on its own, a practitioner can remove hairs from your upper lip, cheeks, brows, and chin with ease. But this popular practice isn't for everyone.

"Waxing can cause irritation because the skin can be sensitive to the products being applied to the surface," warns Michelle Yagoda, M.D., a cosmetic surgeon based in New York. "An inexact technique may result in incomplete extraction of the hair follicle and breakage of the hair shaft, so the skin surrounding the hair shaft can then become inflamed." If the retained hair follicle becomes entrapped, it can lead to ingrown hairs. Always read reviews online prior to visiting a new waxing boutique. Your skin will thank you.

With practice and a careful hand, you can also wax at-home. Check out our experts' tips for facial waxing and some of our top-tested wax kits.

How to remove facial hair by tweezing

Best for: Small areas (like stray chin hairs), wiry hairs, or precision tasks (like shaping brows)
Pain level: Low to medium
DIY-safe: Yes

Chances are, plucking is the route with which you're most familiar. After all, tweezers are commonplace in most households so they're the easiest to reach for when you see some strays. "Tweezing is better for smaller, localized areas like your brows and chin," advises Lavanya Krishnan, M.D., a dermatologist based in San Francisco. Just make sure you're diligent about cleaning them.

Birnur Aral, Ph.D., director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab, recommends wiping the tips of tweezers before and after every use with a cotton pad wet with rubbing or ethyl alcohol or an alcohol wipe then letting them dry. Don't wash the tool with regular soap and water — you run the risk of accidentally dropping and damaging it (thanks to slippery hands) or possibly causing the metal to tarnish or oxidize.

And you should always store tweezers inside a protective pouch.“Reputable manufacturers often offer a warranty for natural wear and tear, but dropping tweezers will likely ruin the alignment of the tips and void that,” Aral adds. And if you're not sure how to properly shape your brows, take a look at our easy eyebrow guide.


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