What I Eat 😋 In A Day: What is the Raw 🥑 Food Diet?

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Have you started hearing about the Raw Food Diet? It’s gaining popularity and buzz, not just as a diet to lose weight, but a diet for a long and healthy life. We eat so much in the way of processed food that we don’t even stop to think about what we’re putting into our bodies, and how far we’ve come nutritionally from our ancestral, agrarian roots.

RAW Vegan Meal Prep Recipes 🥑 healthy + easy ideas!

A raw food diet means consuming food in its natural, unprocessed form. There are several common-sense rationales for why this is a good idea. Processing and cooking food can take so much of the basic nutritional value away. Think of some of the conventional wisdom you’ve heard about for years, such as: If you cook pasta just to the al dente (or medium) stage, it will have more calories, yes, but it will have more the nutritional value in it than if you cooked it to a well-done stage. Or you probably remember hearing not to peel carrots or potatoes too deeply, because most of the nutrients and values are just under the surface.

The raw food diet means eating unprocessed, uncooked, organic, whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, dried fruits, seaweeds, etc. It means a diet that is at least 75% uncooked! Cooking takes out flavor and nutrition from vegetables and fruits. A raw food diet means eating more the way our ancient ancestors did. Our healthier, more fit ancestors. They cooked very little, and certainly didn’t cook or process fruits and vegetables. They ate them RAW. Their water wasn’t from a tap; it was natural, spring water. Maybe they drank some coconut milk on occasion.

Doesn’t it just make sense that this is how our bodies were meant to eat? It’s a way of eating that’s in harmony with the planet and in harmony with our own metabolisms. Our bodies were meant to work, and need to work to be efficient. That means exercise, certainly, but it also means eating natural, raw foods that require more energy to digest them.

My Raw Food Diet Nightmare - The Real Reason I Quit

Today we are going to talk about the real reason I am no longer a raw vegan. And we are also going to talk about dealing with weight gain after an extreme diet, finding true overall health in balanced living and most importantly for me - we are going to talk about taking responsibility as an online content creator.

I have struggled my weight and skin for most of my life and was very self-conscious about it. I was bullied for it which amongst other things led to my depression, constantly yo-yo dieted, had anxiety about many of these issues and also had health problems with my cholesterol at my highest weight. About 5 years ago I became vegan, which had a tremendously positive effect on my overall health, a year after that I started focusing on eating a lot more "clean" healthy vegan foods and worked out a lot. I felt great and I was probably in the best shape of my life so far, but that wasn't enough for me. During the following year, I transitioned to a completely raw vegan diet which meant that besides no animal products & gluten that I previously cut out, now I didn't eat anything with oil, salt, grains, legumes, processed foods or if it was cooked in any way. I ate mainly fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and small amounts of nuts and seeds for about a year. I lost more weight, my skin cleared up more than ever and mostly I felt in control.

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY || RAW VEGAN [calories + nutrients included!]

After about a year as a raw vegan and during a stressful time I experienced emotionally, I lost my period. I also felt very ungrounded, almost disconnected from life in a way. It came into play with me being disgusted by anything that was not "clean", "pure" or "high vibrational". Everyday human activities like walking in a busy city street or hanging out with friends felt dirty to me. This went on for a couple of months during which I told myself that the problem was not with me but with the world, and also many raw vegan YouTubers talk about losing your period and seeing the world as dirty as a positive sign, which gave me validation. But the point where I couldn't be in denial anymore was when the relationships in my life started to suffer, I pulled away from the people I loved most... and just when it all started crumbling down, I traveled to India for a month.
During that trip, I got extreme food poisoning and funny enough the only food I was able to stomach was white rice with tahini. I was terrified at first, but I have to say that that first meal of rice after more than a year of raw food was heavenly. Looking back, that comforting meal on the roof of the guest house in Alleppey India marked the beginning of my healing.

After a couple of months of eating cooked foods, my period came back and my body slowly balanced. I also started therapy which helped a lot. Now almost two years later and after a lot of healing I can see that my obsession around physical cleansing was a way for me to try to do what's right for myself, but now I know that what I truly needed all along was compassion towards all parts of me.
Nothing is completely good or bad and that I definitely have many good habits from my time as a raw vegan, like the fact that I am much more attentive to myself, I enjoy moving my body and strengthening it and I love healthy vegan foods simply because they make me feel good. But my focus these days is balance, I am not strict and do enjoy just slugging around and the simple pleasures of life like vegan pizza :)
This was not easy for me to share, but I am grateful for all of this experience because if this story helped even one of you out there, it happened for a reason. Thank you for being part of this path and allowing me to grow and change with you, I love and appreciate you guys more than I could ever express in words, we are truly in this together.

With love ❤️

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