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Proper nutrition is very important for new puppies. It is important, because puppies will go through an accelerated growth phase during the first 15 months of their lives, and having a diet that can provide the optimum base for stable growth without exceeding or the depleting of necessary elements is very, very important.


1. Avocados It hurts whenever avocados make it on a list of “Bad Foods”. They are so delicious and make for a yummy sandwich. But as it turns out, this scrumptious fruit is a big NO-NO for your dog.

2. Chocolate The lovely smell of chocolate! It’s not just us who are addicted to it. If you open a brand new chocolate bar, your silly pooch will come running. The smell attracts them too and of course, sugar is their weakness.

3. Raisins & Grapes In short, never ever feed your dog raisins and grapes. Not even a few. They are extremely toxic for dogs and can cause rapid kidney failure. Even a small amount can send your dog to the ER.

4. Sweet Candles, Toothpaste, And Chewing Gum There is a reason why we coupled sweet candies, chewing gums, and toothpaste under one heading. All of them contain a sugary-alcohol added to sweeten the taste.

5. Caffeine Any beverage that contains a hint of caffeine is off the list of foods to give your dogs. Caffeine overstimulates a dog's nervous system and causes their heart their heart to beat very fast. For more information, please watch the video until the very end.

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Protein for example is needed in larger amounts by growing puppies than it is by the adult dog, due to the rapid growth of the puppy’s muscles, joints and bones. The energy requirements for a puppy are considerably higher also making it essential for them to receive food nutritionally rich and calorie dense.
There are many different puppy foods on the market. This is to counteract the fact that certain breeds of puppies require specific nutritional elements in specific amounts. Little breed puppies for example, have a much higher metabolism than those of bigger dogs meaning that they need a different calorie density food than bigger dogs need.

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9 Foods That Will Kill Your Dog

When feeding, try to feed according to your veterinarian’s suggested guidelines, or those set out on the label of the dog food bag. Usually, puppies are fed three times per day, dropping to two daily feedings after the pup is four months of age. If you do not feed your puppy properly it can come up with all kinds of health problems. If you find that your dog has less energy, check its dog food. If your dog has diarrhea, check into how many feedings would be best for your dog.
A dog that is fed properly is frisky, playful and happy. You are happy to see your dog so happy so it is a lovely circle.
Feeding will depend on the breed and size of your dog so be sure to check with your Vet before starting a good feeding program. If you find a dog food that you like, check the label for feeding instructions. Of course, if feeding does not go as well as you hoped for, get a good opinion from your Vet and maybe start all over again with a new food. You will love your pet dog, regardless, but it is so much better to get off to a good dog feeding start from the beginning. This sure beats all kinds of trial and error runs on your new dog.

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