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We have discussed that marketing strategy is ever changing. One such real innovative way of marketing the products and services is marketing through emails. One may call it-reformed mailers, which used to reach the consumers through the postal media.

Read Emails and Earn Cash

Many renowned companies have started using this methodology for branding their promotions. If you are a member of yahoo or MSN or Rediff email services, you must have been receiving plenty of mails everyday. It may be the financial products or Computer printers. They always come up with some promotional or discount offers.
Companies are also using emails for collecting information on the competitor’s products.

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Companies want that their emails must be read properly and to ensure the proper usage of their emails they pay to you to read the emails. The emails are some usual promotional advertisements or even may be for gathering information on their competitors. Most of the emails you will find is encapsulated with a link to the original company’s site. This link will open the advertisement. In this way they ensure the visit to their website and some of them force you to leave the ad open for a mere 30 seconds when they focus on their key features.

Paid to Surf the Net

If you remember we had been discussing about Paid to Surf methodology to make your website popular. Now some other companies want to popularize the website by paying the visitors for visiting. Some of them will require you visit their web site and spend a reasonable amount of time. There are various auto surf sites that advertise their sponsors through rotation. What happens if you just stick to the original web site, you will find the sites rotating in turn. Each of them may be displayed for 30 seconds. The sponsored sites may be displayed either in a separate frame or even in separate windows.

Get Paid $75+ To Surf The Web, NO WORK

They must be visible to you, like the Advertisements on Television. The only difference is that while surfing their sites, you can continue working, but in case of TV, you can watch only one channel at a time.
There are also several web companies that give you tools to display on your browser while you open it. Some of the tools are really useful like pop-up blockers or default search engine facilities. Some of them also pop up some virus or memory usage warning in your browser. Some of them are really scams, be careful.
Please note that there are a few search engines, which also pay you for searching your requisite keywords/ phrases through that search engine. So, just imagine, you search on the Internet and even for that you are paid!
As the auto surf sites are primarily to display Advertisements, some search engines also pay for using their services just to make it popular by increasing the hit count. Now again, you may also plan to submit your website in some auto surf site to gain popularity. But how do you select? The first and foremost question is that you need to find out the payout rates. You ought to be skeptical about the exemplary high payouts.
One must also find out where your payment is coming from? Is it from the advertisers or is it truly from the visitors?

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